Darkside Finance
The Dark Side of the Moon
Darkside Finance is the yield farm and blockchain platform that you can own!

Our single staking CZDIAMOND pool emits both DARK and dividend USDC!!!

All other pools and farms emit both DARK and CZDIAMOND tokens!!!

Darkside Finance System Infographic
Darkside Finance is a DeFi platform that takes user benefits to the next level. Darkside Finance has two proprietary tokens: DARK and CZDIAMOND. The presale period begins just as emission of ARCADIUM and MYFRIENDS by Stadium Arcadium ends, and farming begins after a token swap and short pre-farm trading period.‌
Whereas PolyWantsACracker was Layer 1, and Stadium Arcadium was Layer 2, Darkside Finance is Layer 3 of the layered farming system by Sugandese Tokens.
Darkside Finance is the first farm by Sugandese Tokens that is slated to last longer than 2 weeks! This is being made possible by the addition of revenue-generating services to the platform!
  • CZDIAMOND is an ownership token that grants platform revenue to stakers
    • Dividends: Single-token CZDIAMOND staking pool receives:
      • 75% of the 4% deposit fee in USDC (3% of all non-native deposits)
      • 3% of the 6.66% transfer tax on DARK
      • 50% of platform dApp and other income
  • DARK is the standard yield token for all pools. It is inflationary and is issued every block
    • Receives the following for AMM support:
      • 50% of platform dApp and other income
    • Transfer fee of either 0, 6.66%, or 16.66%
    • Transfer fee is 6.66% by default
      • 3% liquified for automated market maker (AMM) support
      • 3% paid to CZDIAMOND stakers
      • 0.66% burned
    • Transfer fee is 0% for whitelisted "non-Asshole" transactions
    • A 10% "Asshole Tax" in addition to the 6.66% base transfer tax applies to AMM dumping
      • The Asshole Tax is credited in the same proportions as the base transaction tax
      • All fees can be avoided by using our on-chain OTC market.

Welcome to Darkside Finance... Where YOU can be the the ONLY tokenized shitfarm owners on Polygon Network!

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