Stadium Arcadium
The user-owned yield farm and blockchain platform
The Stadium Arcadium
A mirror to the moon
Please check out our Stadium Arcadium explainer video!
Yield Farming 2.0: System Schematic
Stadium Arcadium is the yield farm and blockchain platform that you can own!

All staking pools will emit both ARCADIUM and MYFRIENDS tokens!!!

Stadium Arcadium is a DeFi platform that takes user benefits to the next level. Stadium Arcadium has two proprietary tokens: ARCADIUM and MYFRIENDS. The presale period begins shortly after LITHIUM emission ends, and farming begins after a token swap, USDC presale, and short pre-farm trading period.
Whereas PolyWantsACracker was Layer 1, Stadium Arcadium is Layer 2 of the layered farming system by Sugandese Tokens.

MYFRIENDS ownership rewards will be HUGE in both amount and percentage!

Introducing the Yield Farming 2.0 system:

  • MYFRIENDS is an ownership token that grants platform revenue to stakers
    • Dividends: Single-token MYFRIENDS staking pool receives:
      • 75% of the 4% deposit fee in USDC (3% of all non-native deposits)
      • 3% of the 6.66% transfer tax on ARCADIUM
      • 50% of platform dApp and other income (beginning with L3)
      • 100% of retrievable LITHIUM liquidity funds, payable shortly after LITHIUM swap period
      • And our friendship
    • No transfer fees
    • Supply cap: 100,000 MYFRIENDS
    • 80,000 preminted
      • 20,000 creators
      • 12,500 infrastructure
      • 45,000 to the public via LITHIUM and USDC presales
      • 2,500 initial liquidity (any not used for initial liquidity will be moved to partnerships)
    • 20,000 farmed with a constant emission rate of .032 MYFRIENDS/block over the 2-week (625,000-block) emission period
  • ARCADIUM is the standard yield token for all pools. It is inflationary and is issued every block
    • Transfer fee of either 0 or 6.66%:
      • 3% liquified for automated market maker (AMM) support
      • 3% paid to MYFRIENDS stakers
      • 0.66% burned
      • Transfer fee is 0% when harvesting, staking, unstaking, buying from the AMM, and transferring to and from the OTC contract
      • A 2% "Asshole Tax" applies to AMM dumping
    • Approximate supply cap: 1 million + referral tokens
    • Starting supply: 325,000
      • 0 directly to creators (creators receive a 50% share of their allocated ARCADIUM based on their staked MYFRIENDS for partnerships)
      • 0 infrastructure
      • 250,000 to the public via LITHIUM and USDC presales
      • 25,000 Partnerships
      • 50,000 initial liquidity (any not used for initial liquidity will be moved to partnerships)
    • Starting emission:
      • "Mirror to the Moon" emission pattern:
        • Starts out very high (~69.2/block)
        • Emission rapidly decays to 1% of the initial value in 2 hours
        • Emits the equivalent of 23+ hours at the minimum emission level in the first 2 hours
        • Emission then doubles over the rest of the 2-week emission period

Welcome to the Stadium Arcadium... Where YOU can be the the first ever tokenized shitfarm owners!

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